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  • Arabic Necklaces: Elegance Reflecting Cultural Heritage

    April 23, 2024 3 min read

    Arabic Necklaces: Elegance Reflecting Cultural Heritage

    Jewellery designed by Arabic designs always attracts the attention among society. Because mostly it is used symbolism in arabic necklaces.  Each piece used in necklaces not only reflects the values and beliefs, but also has a story to be told.

    Personalised arabic necklace has a role of elegance reflecting cultural heritage of lives and the traditions of the desginers’ or the creators’. Mostly seen traditonal symbols are evil eye that is belived to protect against evil spirits, amulet that is believed to bring good luck, and calligraphy that reflect the religion.

    History and Importance of Arabic Necklace

    Throughout  the history jewellry had an important role for Arabic culture as many cultures. Necklaces also has a special place in terms of jewellry. The most visible aspect of Arabic Necklaces is that there are many symbolic icons that has a meaning in the culture.

    With the symbolic significance that is integrated by the protection against evil spirit, bringing good luck, providing power etc. Arabic Necklaces are has a very pereferable profile among people also in our current day. Througout the history,jewellery has shown the social status of people. Even today, people are classified according to their jewelley choices.

    Arabic Necklace Designs

    You can obtain a unique and stylish personalised arabic necklace that is designed the best quality finest sterling silver with the options of silver, gold plated, and rose gold plated that ensures log lasting shining. With this nice preference of jewellery, you can personlise your style with special arabic name necklaces.

    Not only for yourself but also as a cherished gift for someone special like mum, sister, freiend or etc, the personalised arabic necklace can be pereferef for any situation. All our jewelleries,  like necklaces, are created with exquisite care and attention. This elegant and beautiful necklace will make sure you will look amazing among people.  Also with the elegant desgins, you’ll always feel confident and beautiful.

    Things to Consider When Combining Arabic Necklaces: Color and style harmony


    Colors in jewelley has always been one of the important accessories that highlight women's elegance and style. When colors and necklacees combined correctly, it provides an elegant look to you. Finding the right combination with arabic necklaces, will make you look stunning.

    The steps you need to follow to catch the good look;

    • Colour and harmony
    • Creating contrast
    • Harmony with patterns
    • Selection According to time of the Day

    Colour and harmony

    Colour harmony has a meaning that the colours used in a combination are harmonious with each other and also it look good. Choosing the harmonious colours in jewellery is also reflects the outfits and complete your look with a balanced appearance. For example, if the main colour of the outfit you're wearing is red, you can choose in shades of red or other colours that harmonise with red for your jewellery.

    Not onlt clothes but also skin tone can harmonise with different colours of jewelleyry.  If you have fair skin, you will most probably look better in pastel tones or silver-coloured jewellery. More if you have a darker skin, gold tones or warmer colours might be more suitable for you to look fascinating.

    Colour and style harmony can also depend on the season, fashion trends, and also your tastes. It is better to follow the seasonal colors, fashion trends , and your choices minimalist or etravagant in jewellery.

    To sum up; Personalised arabic necklace has a role of elegance reflecting cultural heritage of lives and the traditions of Arabic culture in which seen tradiitonal symbols such as evil eye against evil spirits,  amulet to bring good luck, and calligraphy that reflect the religion. You can visit our website to see more.