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  • Is It Better to Have a Wallet or a Card Holder?

    February 24, 2023 2 min read

    Is It Better to Have a Wallet or a Card Holder?

    A card holder is an accessory that has gained a place in our lives, especially with the end of the period of carrying cash. These accessories, which have become even more popular during the pandemic, have started taking the place of wallets in today's conditions. Now people prefer cardholder models that take up little space where they can put their credit cards, IDs and all their cards.


    As Potiega, we offer our personalised card holder models to our female and male customers.

    Which Type of Card Holder Is Best?

    As the use of cardholders became popular, different types of designs emerged. The designs, which are generally produced using leather materials, consist of colourful and extra accessories. For example, the "personalised leather cardholder canvas ID holder with lanyard" model, one of Potegia's most popular cardholder models, is offered for sale with a special attachment for hanging it around the neck.


    Designs such as leather pop-up wallets and leather cardholders with foil, which are among the card holder for men options, also attract attention. Likewise, vegan products and designs dominated by pink and red colours are preferred from a card holder for women



    You can decide for yourself which design is right for you by clicking on

    Why Do People Use Cardholders?

    Due to the developing banking technologies, we have started making card payments. In addition to our debit and credit cards, various identity cards and workplace entry-exit cards also have an essential place in our lives. Therefore, when so many cards are in a person's life, the need for accessories such as a cardholder also increases.


    Cardholders, which men in the past generally used, have now become a favourite of women as well. We can choose these accessories to make convenient payments while shopping, to keep the ID cards together and to ensure the security of the cards. We can classify and place the card types thanks to the models with more than one compartment.


    All these features have allowed the use of cardholders to increase significantly. The designs, which have a stylish appearance and functionality, can be personalised if you wish. For example, it can be known that the cardholder belongs to you thanks to the name and surname writing process we have applied to the design.


    You can also order the cardholder options designed by Potiega for women and men at any time.