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  • Wallet vs Card Holder, Which Is Best for You?

    April 23, 2022 2 min read

    Wallet vs Card Holder, Which Is Best for You?

    If you are planning to purchase a personalised gift for your beloved ones, one of the most challenging decisions you need to make can be between a wallet and a card holder. Although this highly depends on the habits and preferences of the receivers, we wanted to compile a brief guide for you. Below, we tried to compare these two amazing items with the hopes of helping you to make your decision.

    What Are the Benefits of Wallets?

    One distinctive difference between wallets and card holders is the number of belongings you can carry. Of course, wallets offer more capacity to safely carry your items. However, there is also another fact that most people do not need to carry lots of cash with them and they usually prefer using credit cards.

    However, a wallet can also hold important items such as a driver’s license, small notes you may want to keep with you, loyalty cards, cash, and travel documents. Although most people prefer to make payments with their credit cards today, most of them still need to carry cash just in case.

    Possible Downsides of Wallets

    Of course, just like everything, wallets have some downsides as well, especially when you compare them with card holders. Without a doubt, size and weight are two important downsides of wallets. They are not a great choice to put in the pockets of your skinny jeans.

    Due to their bulky designs wallets tend to wear in a much shorter time. Although you can put your card holders into the pockets of your shorts, this may not be a question in wallets. In addition to this, sometimes it may be quite challenging to find what you are looking for in your wallet among many other items.

    What Are the Benefits of Card Holders?

    Unlike wallets, card holders offer great convenience to users. A versatile card holder can easily meet most of your needs while preventing the bulky look on your back pockets. Moreover, you can carry these items even in your front pockets, which offers added safety.

    We cannot deny that the popularity of card holders is increasing in all societies as well. On the other hand, a card holder may not be a perfect choice, especially for ladies. Today, card holders are available in all sizes, and you can easily find the perfect size with enough compartments to keep all your personal belongings without any challenge. Additionally, card holders wear in a long time compared to wallets.

    Possible Downsides of Card Holders

    Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is the size. This can be a gift to some while it may be a curse to some. This totally depends on the preferences and habits of the users. However, if you do carry too much cash on you and you often do not use credit cards for making payments, then a card holder will not be a logical choice for you.

    Choosing between a wallet and a card holder is a personal preference. Thus, there are no rights or wrongs in this selection.