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  • Why Is Vegetable Tanned Leather Better?

    April 23, 2022 2 min read

    Why Is Vegetable Tanned Leather Better?

    With the advancement in technology and industry, mankind is finding more sustainable yet effective methods in every field of our lives. Without a doubt, vegetable tanned leather is one of the best inventions, which can be a great example of this advancement.

    Today, more and more people are preferring vegetable tanned leather products due to a wide range of reasons. The combination of this ancient art and technology offers more durable leather products to buyers. Secondly, genuine quality vegetable tanned leather products are as durable as real leather products. In fact, they are genuine leather, which includes cowhide. Most of them are more flexible than real leather products.

    History of Vegetable Tanned Leather

    If you remember, we referred to vegetable tanned leather as ancient art. Although most people believe that this technique was invented after the industrial revolution, many civilizations used to take advantage of this leather tanning technique for more than 5,000 years.

    It is one of the most sophisticated and oldest tanning techniques even Ancient Egyptians used to decorate their coffins with ornaments made of vegetable tanned leather. The tanning process was usually carried out with locally available sources. For example, chestnut was the core material in Europe, while oak was used in the United Kingdom.

    What Are the Benefits of Vegetable Tanned Leather?

    Besides its amazing quality, there are a few benefits that can convince you to prefer vegetable tanned leather at all times. First of all, vegetable tanned leather is extremely eco-friendly when compared to other leather types available on the market.

    In addition to this, it is an ancient leather tanning technique, which includes all-natural processes. If it will be performed by experts, it is one of the safest tanning techniques compared to other techniques as well.

    Another and most important benefit of vegetable tanned leather is it has its own patina. This means that your leather will get better as you keep using it and as it ages. This is the most crucial characteristic of any leather product, which you can enjoy easily with vegetable tanned leather products.

    Is Vegetable Tanned Leather Better than Vegan Leather?

    Unfortunately, vegan, or faux leather is a great marketing success. Most people believe that vegan leather is completely environmentally friendly. However, the facts are just the opposite. These leather products are made of synthetic materials such as PU or PVC. Due to their content, they do not biodegrade in nature and lead to more problems.

    On the other hand, vegetable tanned leather is a hundred percent genuine leather, which you can enjoy for a lifetime and not worry about its adverse effects on nature. They are way more sustainable compared to vegan or faux leather products too.

    Due to the craftsmanship it requires and the quality of the leather, vegetable tanned leather may be slightly expensive compared to fake leather products. However, you can enjoy these leathers for a lifetime without any worries. Moreover, unlike fake leathers, you will not have to worry about any contamination at all.