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  • Personalised Wallets and Leather Care: Tips for Long-Lasting Personalised Products

    April 19, 2023 3 min read

    Personalised Wallets and Leather Care: Tips for Long-Lasting Personalised Products

    Personalised wallets are wallet models usually embroidered with names or initials on leather.  In addition, some wallet models can be embroidered with the patterns of famous figures or crests.  It is necessary to take care of such personalised wallets in a good way.


    We wanted to compile some tips for you to know for the maintenance of personalised wallets.  Let's take a closer look at how the personalised leather wallet models we offer for sale as Potiega.co.uk should be maintained.

    How to Clean Leather Wallets? Personalised Wallets

    Leather wallets are one of the products that gain value and become personalised as they age.  When it comes to personalised wallets, leather designs always come to mind first.  So, how should the personalised wallets made of leather be cleaned?  If you are looking for an answer to this question, let's take a closer look at the expert opinions together:


    • You should not choose intense chemical products for cleaning bags or wallets made of leather material. Even products like bleach, detergent, and even wet wipes can do a lot of damage to the leather.  In particular, you should not use products with degenerative properties containing alcohol.
    • The ideal cleaning technique for personalised wallets is vinegar. You can wipe it by rubbing the wallet with white vinegar.  It may be more beneficial to use a cotton cloth while cleaning.  You should not choose products that leave traces, such as napkins, during the cleaning phase.
    • After cleaning the leather wallet, it is recommended to leave it to dry. Otherwise, keeping the wallet moist can significantly impair the structure of the leather.  For this, you can dry the wet wallet for a while.  You should definitely not use a hair dryer while drying.
    • There are some protective and cleaning products specially produced for leather products. You can also clean your wallet by purchasing these products.  You can apply these products, usually in cream form, to your wallet per the instructions.
    • It is also important to repeat the cleaning process of your leather wallet periodically. In order to use your wallet for a long time without wearing it out, you should also pay attention to cleanliness.
    • You can find the most popular wallet models specially designed for you at https://potiega.co.uk/collections/wallets-purses. You can buy personalised wallet models for both yourself and your loved ones.

    Beware of Moisture in Leather Wallets: Ideal Storage Conditions for Long-Lasting Use

    Since leather wallets are among the products with a delicate structure, it is essential to keep these products in ideal conditions.  Leather products, which stand out among personalised wallets models, should not be stored in a damp or wet environment.  Otherwise, the wallet will soon lose its leather form and become absolutely unusable.

     Personalised wallets are products that have an important place in your life, so it is important to take care of the environment in which you will keep the wallet.  We wanted to share with you the opinions we received from the experts on this subject.  Let's take a closer look at how personalised wallets or purses should be stored:


    • Water and humidity are the biggest enemies of the leather. You should never keep leather products such as personalised wallets in a humid environment.  Even if you have a body that sweats a lot, you can take care not to keep the leather wallet in your pocket for a long time.  Otherwise, the form and structure of the wallet may be completely destroyed.
    • Leather wallets should never be exposed directly to water. Instead, you can wipe your wallet with a non-chemical natural cleaning product.  You can use a clean cotton cloth while wiping.
    • Leather wallets are products that should not be put in a plastic bag. Personalised wallets may deteriorate due to the humidity of the plastic bag.