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  • Which Separator Should I Choose According to The Book Type?

    March 17, 2023 2 min read

    Which Separator Should I Choose According to The Book Type?

    How often do you read a book? Do you enjoy reading books? Are you a fan of books in general or do you fancy a certain type of book? Every book lover gives a special value to their books. The books are treasures that should be taken care of. That is the main reason why, most of the book lovers use a bookmark to protect the pages of the books.

    What is a bookmark? It is basically a thin tool to help the reader mark the page. It is usually made of leather, card or fabric. The main purpose of bookmarks is to keep track of the progress of the reader in the book. Bookmarks help the readers to find the page which they have stopped reading previously.

    Besides a card, fabric or a leather bookmark, there are also bookmarks which are made of silk, silver, paper, plastic, and even wood. On the top of that, some books are likely to have a woven ribbon which is sewn into the binding. Those ribbons in the books are aimed to be used as bookmarks.

    Did you know that a bookmark was used along the history by many ancient civilisations? Based on the recent researches, it can be said that bookmarks have existed since the 1st century AD. Researchers find solid indications supporting that idea. The earliest bookmarks, which have been found so far, date back to 6th century AD. It was a leather bookmark which was found in Egypt, a place called Sakkara.

    Where to Buy Personalised Handmade Leather Braces?

    If you are a book lover and you would like to have yourself a personalised bookmark, there is one store you should definitely check out: Potiega. It is a small family company which is located in UK. It is a store which produces top quality, custom made products. You can visit their official website to see all the collections: https://potiega.co.uk/

    You can find the best personalized leather bookmarks in Potiega. It offers the best quality leathers and the best quality production.

    Here is a list of their top-quality personalized leather bookmarks:

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